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    Customs and events in winter

    Advent in Aussee

    the "most tranquil time of the year" - in the Ausseerland this time of contemplation is still tangible.

    The "Barbarafeier" in Altaussee on 4. December, the St. Nicholas performance in Bad Mitterndorf, Pichl, Kainisch and Tauplitz - all on 5. December as well as the Advent events such as "die stade Zeit" (the quiet time") are all recommendable.

    "Berigln" and "Glöckln" on 5. January

    In the morning the local children go from house to house armed with cow bells and linen carrier bags.
    At the door they ring the bells as loud as they can and chant: " bitt dich goa schen um an Klöcklkrapfen - lass mi net so lang im Schnee umstapfn - gib ma aussa oan a zwee - aft kann i wieda um a Häusl weiter gehn" which can be translated as "please give me a doughnut or two and don't leave me standing out in the snow, then I can go on to the next house."

    In the evening the adults dress up as woodland spirits with a cloth over their faces to hide their identity. They dress in old clothes, and carry a broom with them. Once allowed entry into a house they will pretend to look for dust and sweep any  they might find. They are given doughnuts and schnapps as recompense. They do not speak during their visits as their identity is supposed to remain unknown.

    Carnival in Aussee in February/March

    Carnival or "Fasching"  has nothing to do with tranquility. This is partytime and the locals of Aussee know how to party. Here are some of the things you are likely to see:
    "Trommelweiber", or drum wives, they are actually men, dressed as women - "Flinserln", who have elaborate costumes reminiscent of Venetian carnival figures, well liked by the children, as they distribute nuts and oranges.  The " Pless" - figures who symbolise winter, and who wear a basket on their heads and carry a dirty mop with them, watch out ...

    The best idea is to come and experience the fun at first hand!
    Information at:
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