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Fantastic summer activities for everyone

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Paragliding, diving, and more

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The fascination of flying - in the Salzkammergut/Ausseerland

Be part of it, when the colourful sails of the hang gliders and para gliders appear high above the countryside of the Salzkammergut. Experience the fascination of gliding weightlessly, the wind in your face and the whole world beneath you.

Loser and Krippenstein - 2 ideal mountains for para gliders with starting points for all wind directions and good thermals nearly all year round. Beginners and experienced long-distance flyers alike will delight in the perfect infrastructure.

The Salzkammergut flying school has long-standing experience in pilot training. Experienced flyers can hone their skills in various specialist courses on offer.

Salzkammergut flying school -

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Archery in the Salzkammergut

The invention of the bow and arrow goes way back in the history of mankind. To hit the bullseye you need a practised eye and a steady hand. Archery is fun for all the family.

Sport Zopf
Tel.: +43 (0) 6135 8254

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Just a few minutes' walk from the MONDI Resort on lake Grundlsee is the "Magnet Riding School". Here you can get to know how to handle a horse or saddle up and perfect your riding techniques.

Detailed information at

Reitschule Magnet
Tel: +43 3622 53 268

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Diving in the Ausseerland region

Alpine lakes, river and scuba diving; diving for treasure, to view a wreck or for nostalgic reasons: in the Salzkammergut you'll find what suits your taste.

Diving in Lake Grundlsee

The lake holds a huge variety of fish and is a joy for divers due to the clarity of its water. Lake Grundlsee is known as the "emerald of the Salzkammergut" because of its its emerald green colour.

Diving in Lake Altaussee

The water is pretty cold, freezes over in winter and is therefore ideal for ice diving. At approx. 15m there is a sunken wood with huge trees which iegt ein versunkener Wald mit Baumgiganten, die bis auf 4-6m unter die Wasseroberfläche ragen und immense Durchmesser erreichen.


Tauchschule Grundlsee
Tel.: +43 (0) / 664 4321241 - Harry
Tel.: +43 (0) / 664 1371233 - Sepp

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Sailing in the Styrian "sea"

The idea of letting the wind carry you across the water is an age-old one: the oldest image of a sailing ship dates back to 5000 B.C. Today sailing continue to be a popular water sport; Lake Grundlsee is a well-loved destination for sailing enthusiasts.

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MONDI Resort on lake Grundlsee
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